Anaïs Lacroix 
Chief Executive Officer, Lawyer-Investigator & Mediator

Anaïs is a co-founder and partner at Latitude, a leading law firm specializing in harassment prevention and management. With over a decade of experience in the field, Anaïs stands as a seasoned labour lawyer renowned for resolving intricate workplace harassment and violence situations. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her extensive portfolio position her as a trusted expert in navigating the complexities of workplace dynamics.

Serving exclusively as an impartial third party, Anaïs has actively participated in over 450 organizational investigation processes nationwide, conducting assessments in both French and English under both provincial and federal jurisdictions. She is recognized for her adept handling of complex, sensitive, and high-profile cases involving members of management or boards of directors.

Prior to specializing in harassment prevention and management, Anaïs practiced labour law for several years with an international law firm. She is a member of the Quebec Bar and holds a Temporary Practice Permit from the Law Society of Ontario. Additionally, she is an accredited mediator with the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ). She holds a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and a Juris Doctor (JD) from McGill University, further underscoring her comprehensive legal education.


  • Bachelor of Civil Law and Juris Doctor (B.C.L./J.D.), McGill University

Activities and Memberships

  • Quebec Bar
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Member of Institut de Médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec