Alina-Mona Pase

Lawyer-Investigator & Mediator

Alina-Mona is a lawyer who’s practice focuses on labour and employment law. After starting out in private practice at a boutique firm practicing in these fields, she pursued  as a lawyer in the labour and employment team in Canada’s only unionized bank and later became the first chief of labour relations after having practised for the department of labour and employment for a large federal corporation. 

Alina-Mona thus intervened alongside human resources advisors and with other internal clients in collective and individual work reports through providing legal advice and proposing diverse business strategies, all while coaching and negotiating. 

Prior to joining Latitude, Alina-Mona acted as the liaison between her employer and various external investigators, ensuring the fast, adequate and effective care of mandates for investigations pertaining to harassment, violence, discrimination, and racism, among others, as well as the proofing of investigative reports to ensure mandates’ accuracy and that appropriate regulatory frameworks were applied.  More recently, she had been made responsible for follow-ups and training for the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations. 

Alina-Mona holds an undergraduate degree (with distinction) with a specialty in French studies and a thesis in Cameroonian literature as well as an undergraduate degree in education. Prior to law school, she taught French in a Montreal high school for nearly 10 years.  


  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B.), Université de Montréal
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), University of Winnipeg

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hon.), French Studies, Université de Perpignan

Activities and Membership

  • Quebec Bar

  • Accredited Mediator