Sarah Wenaus 
Director of Human Resources

Sarah serves as the Director of Human Resources at Latitude, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s people strategy. With a profound commitment to fostering personal and professional growth, Sarah channels her passion into equipping individuals with the tools, supports, and structures needed to realize their fullest potential. Her dedication extends to cultivating safe and positive workplace cultures, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, respect, and employee well-being. Sarah is particularly enthusiastic about leadership development, advocating for continuous learning and mentorship programs that empower leaders at all levels within the company.

Sarah brings a wealth of experience from diverse sectors including private enterprise, corporate environments, and not-for-profit organizations. Her career spans senior leadership roles in both operations and human resources, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics and strategic management. This background enables Sarah to effectively align human capital strategies with overarching business goals, fostering environments where both employees and the organization can thrive. Known for her collaborative approach and innovative solutions, Sarah continues to drive impactful initiatives that support Latitude’s growth and commitment to excellence in employee relations and development.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration (B.Admin), University of Regina